Selected appearances

"How U.S. Cities Are Tackling The Affordable Housing Crisis"
1A Across America, August 2019
"Why washing machines want to tug at your heartstrings"
Marketplace, August 2019
"How a Canadian town “Uberized” its public transportation"
Marketplace, May 2019
"Can MTA Buses Have a Comeback?"
WNYC, June 2018
"Brooklyn is booming, so why is it shrinking?"
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"Uber and others are bringing 'dockless' bike-sharing to North America"
CBC Radio, April 2018
"What lies ahead for infrastructure."
WNPR, January 2018
"Trump promises to make infrastructure a major focus."
PBS Newshour, November 2016
"What's Next For Infrastructure Under President Trump."
WBUR, Here & Now, November 2016
"The Hidden Histories of the Hull House Maps."
New York State GIS Summit, October 2016
"How Our Infrastructure Is Connected To Clean Water."
Wisconsin Public Radio, January 2016
"The Measure of Everyday Life: Mapping Inequalities."
WNCU, January 2017
"CES 2017: Sensors, Innovators Key in Furthering Smart Cities."
Government Technology, January 2017
"Even Healthy Looking Suburbs Are Dying From Drugs."
60DB, April 2017
"Soothes roads, eases congestion: can a tax improve the traffic?"
ABC Australia, May 2017